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The most beautiful thing said about dog loyalty

The most beautiful thing said about dog loyalty

The most beautiful thing said about dog loyalty

  • The dog is despised for its chivalry, not for anything but because it accepted with difficulty that its owners put a chain on its neck, even if it was of gold.
  • I have been loyal to dogs for a long time, I love dogs because they are always forgiving.
  • Loyalty is an incurable disease..no longer affects only dogs today.
  • It is better to have a predatory lion in front of you than a traitorous dog behind you.
  • When you think of betrayal, mention the dog's loyalty to human.
  • The more we know people, the more we love dogs.
  • History is full of events in which dogs have proven their loyalty, unlike some humans.
  • Dogs bark at everyone you don't know.
  • It's outrageous and sad but true, there are many people who envy dogs.
  • Dogs are wise, they crawl into a quiet corner and lick their wounds and only rejoin the world when they are fully recovered.
A recent American study, prepared by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, revealed many secrets in the relationship of dogs to humans, including the characteristic of dog loyalty, which is the well-known characteristic of dogs.

Many people trust dogs more than their own kind

The study confirmed that dogs’ loyalty is a prominent characteristic in the relationship between this pet and humans, to the extent that many people trust dogs’ loyalty to them more than their human race.
The study attributed the reasons for the loyalty of dogs to their human owners to a variety of reasons, including:

1- Humans spending more time with the dog activates the secretion of a hormone in the dogs’ body, called oxytocin. This hormone is secreted in the human body at the time of breastfeeding in order to increase the mother’s bond with her child, and this was discovered by the American scientist, Christine Ovans, who took a blood sample from Some dogs, and conducted an analysis of these samples before and after dogs play with their owners, discovered that the secretion of oxytocin, or the so-called love hormone, occurs to dogs at the same rate that happens to a mother breastfeeding her young, dogs not only love their owner unconditionally, but also see them as part of their family The reason for this strong connection is the journey of dogs from predation to domestication.

Genetic similarity between humans and dogs

2- Gene similarity between humans and dogs, and a study was conducted on the DNA of dogs, and it was found through, a theory of the Chinese scientist, Ping Zhang, who studied the DNA of humans and the DNA of the dog and found that the genes of dogs are similar and close to human genes, which are genes related to eating, behavior and diseases Also, such as obesity, breast cancer, obsessive-compulsive disorder and epilepsy, and that the genes that changed in humans are almost the same that changed in dogs because they both went through the same conditions that accompanied them for a lot of time.

Dogs tend to interact with humans more than they treat their own kind

3- Through the study, it was found that dogs tend to deal with humans more than they deal with people of their own kind, and it also became clear that dogs barking is a new trait they have, which arose by mixing with humans as a speaking being who has a voice, and it developed from their vocal apparatus in an attempt to make them have a voice like a human, What made familiarity and loyalty the two most important characteristics of dogs towards their owners.

4- The feeling of dogs attached to humans, they were born with a trait of loyalty, and it increased with time, the more people became attached to their dogs, more than the people in their lives, and this confirmed other studies that the desire of some people to own a dog increases when this person is unhappy with his family, Also, when relations with his fellow human beings become tense, the dog owner’s attachment to his dog increases, so intimacy is established between them, and the dog’s loyalty hormones increase.