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10 of the most important dog training tools?


Dog training is the responsibility of the breeder, and there are some important training tools, which can make the experience; More easy and enjoyable, and training aims to improve obedience and reduce bad behavior, especially in the case of a new dog coming home, so to organize training equipment, BOGY STORE will show you, during this article, 10 of the most important dog training tools.

10 of the most important dog training tools

  • clicker training
  • target stick
  • Rewards
  • dog training leash
  • portable mats
  • Dog collar
  • dog candy bag
  • dog chew toys
  • hurdles
  • calming tools

1-clicker training

The clicker or clicking device, one of the most important tools for dog training, is a small rectangular box that makes a clicking sound, when you press it with your thumb, as you can use it to determine the time when the dog does something correctly. Reward him after clicking, since clicking is a unique sound, he will only hear it during training, the dog will associate it with a reward.for more

2-target stick

A goal stick can be useful for training dogs in basic behaviors, such as gently walking on a leash, or complex tricks like spinning and bowing, as it varies from a simple, fixed-length stick to something more luxurious, such as a stick built with a clicker, or a wooden spoon.for more


Dogs remain motivated and interested when offering rewards, as the types vary depending on the dog itself, but in general soft and meaty foods are preferred, and it is recommended that treats be small the size of a pencil eraser, some may come in pre-trained size, while others may be disassembled Or downsize before training. for more 

4-dog training leash

Training leashes vary in length, usually four to six feet long, preferably long enough, for slight slack when your dog stays close to you while walking, rather than being tight all the time. It gives you the opportunity to keep your hands free during training sessions, and it is also recommended that you store your dog's leashes in accessible places.for more 

5-portable mats

Availability of a mat or a portable bed; A safe space for the dog, to settle no matter where he is, so it is recommended to use a bed, blanket or rug that is foldable and washable, easy to transport and suitable for walking, as items with a sticky base tend to provide greater stability, on smooth surfaces.for more 

6-Dog collar

Collars play an important role in dog training, and they come in different types, chosen according to the type of training you want to carry out with the dog, such as the ideal Martingale collar, for positive reinforcement training, and the leash or harness, which is the perfect choice for dogs that are difficult to handle while walking .for more 

7-dog candy bag

You can use the candy bags to keep bags of candy and treats, instead of putting them in your pockets, just clip the training bag to your waist belt, to make it easier to reach the sweets.for more 

8-dog chew toys

Chewing toys provide entertainment and stimulation for your dog, and they also provide something to allow your dog to chew, which if neglected may turn to me, chewing furniture, shoes, toys and anything else they can put in the mouth, by providing the dog with chewing toys, you prevent him from developing a bad habit such as chewing items inappropriate.for more 


Barriers are useful if the dog needs to be contained in a specific area, when training him at home, or for training him to manage his chewing habit, so a barrier can also be useful in keeping the dog away from problem areas such as stairs or the front door.for more 

10-calming tools

Calms are good for dogs who are afraid, or those who have a phobia of things like, thunderstorms and fireworks, there are a number of products designed specifically to help them deal with anxiety, and there are some behavioral supplements that can be consulted with your vet, which have a calming effect such as Solicoin.for more