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How to make a dog house

How to make a dog house

You have a dog at home and you love it, but you don't like keeping it indoors. Many people suffer from this problem and cannot solve it; Because they are not good at building a dog house, so here's a way to build a dog house that keeps it outside and protects it

Steps to build a dog house Building the base of the house

  • Cut four pieces of wood, two 22.5 cm long and two 23 cm long.
  • Fasten the wooden pieces together, that is, put each two pieces of equal length opposite each other, to build a wooden rectangle
  • Cut a piece of thin wood so that it is about the same area as the wooden rectangle, then tape it to the top of the rectangle.

Base building tips:

  • All dogs of all kinds need a dry, not hot or cold place that they can call home, so you have to take care of some factors when building a dog house.
  • Think of heat insulation: Remember that the base is the foundation of the house and there is a space of air between the house and the ground. A house without a base is hot in the summer and cold in the winter.
  • Identify the different elements that affect the base of an outdoor home, for example does it rain a lot in your area, you should use non-toxic materials, you should build a waterproof base, and the base should be high enough from the ground in case water accumulates.

building walls

The dimensions of the walls are cut as follows:

  • Divide the front and back sides in the form of a pentagon (a rectangle with a triangle above it). The width of the rectangle is 24 cm, its length is 16 cm, and the sides of the triangle are 12 cm.
  • Divide the sides of the house into a rectangle that is 26 cm long and 16 cm wide.
  • The exit hole measures as follows: the width of the opening is 10 cm, its length is 13 cm, and its distance from the base is 3 cm.
  • Prepare 8 pieces of cedar or fir wood to use to secure the ceiling and walls. You will need 4 pieces of 13 cm length for the ceiling, and the same amount of 15 cm length for the walls.
  • On the edges of the walls of the sides, install the 15 cm length of tire pieces, and during the installation of these pieces you will notice that there is 1 cm on both sides of the tire, but it will be used to install the sides on the base.
  • Install the walls on the base, and then install the front and back pieces on the base and walls.

roof construction

  • After installing the walls, we will need a roof, which is two pieces of wood, both rectangular, with a length of 32 cm and a width of 20 cm.
  • Pin the 13cm corner pieces to the edges of the two triangles on the front and back.
  • Easily install the two ceiling pieces.

final touches

  • Paint your dog's house in appropriate and beautiful colors, but be careful not to use materials that contain toxic materials.
  • Add your own touch to the house, for example, make a beautiful ceiling, put a rug for your dog inside the house, and so on.