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How to properly trim a dog's nails at home


How to properly trim a dog's nails at home

Taking care of domestic dogs is very important, as the spread of parasites and viruses in the house depends on it, because if dogs are unclean they will infect those around them, so if you raise a dog at home, you must learn the basics of dealing with it and with its personal hygiene, especially cutting and clipping nails, this is what he explains to you Today Vetwork to treat your dog with care and keep his health and the health of your family members.

How to trim and clip the nails of dogs at home

  • You have to know some basics. About when to trim the dog's nails, how to avoid and deal with wounds that may occur during nail clipping, and proper prevention and treatment methods.
  • If you are not familiar with the correct cutting process, we advise you to ask your vet to teach you how to perform the process without any dog wounds. If you are already aware and familiar with us, continue with the following steps.

Dog nail trimming and cutting tools

1- nail clipper:-
Where their types vary from place to place and according to the comfort of the dog on any type, as well as your knowledge of using them correctly.
You can use the guillotine with small dogs, but when dealing with large dogs only use the large pliers for clipping dogs' nails.

  • First, you must make sure that they are healthy and sterile to ensure that they do not negatively affect the health of a dog.
  • Then use it with a strong grip and put your fingers on the dog's fingers so that the process of clipping the nails is easy.
  • Also, approach the dog's feet and say some encouraging phrases while making a sound with a clipper, and then slowly clip his nails. Just encourage and praise your dog a lot.
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2- powder clothes powder
Even if your dog's nails are very short and bleed, use this powder to cut them easily, or you can use baking soda, flour, and cornstarch on the nails.

3- Don't forget the gifts
And it's a key factor in keeping your dog calm while you trim his nails, so that he responds to you and always stays that way.

Steps to clip dogs' nails at home

1-At first, you have to go to the veterinarian to teach you the correct way to trim it or cut it the first time, and then do it yourself.

2-When starting, try to hold his feet gently and gradually. If he does not pull them from you or resist you, start massaging his nails and pressing them gently, until you cut them.

3-In the event that you cannot trim all of your dog's nails at once, it doesn't matter.Trim it in different stages and at different times. Sometimes the dog gets irritated and angry about it. Don't put pressure on him.

4-You have to remember that some dogs may not need to trim their nails and others need trimming a few times. You will determine how much your dog needs to have his nails trimmed by determining the breed, age and size of the dog.

5-Choose the right time to clip your dog's nails if he is in a good mood to play, or wait for him to relax before you start clipping.

6-It is important to teach your dog to lie on his sides while you cut his nails. If your dog has had a bad experience before cutting his nails, he will refuse to cut again, make him lie down while training his nails

7-You have to be firm and brave doing this so that your dog does not feel this and rebel against you.