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Reasons for eating dog feces and how to stop this behavior


Reasons for eating dog feces and how to stop this behavior

Eating feces is one of the annoying behaviors of dogs, as it causes their owners to feel disgusted and upset, and there are physiological and behavioral reasons that make dogs see dung, or feces, as delicious food, and this behavior is called coprophagia, and during this article BOGY will present the reasons for eating dog feces And how to stop this behavior in detail.

Reasons for eating dog feces and how to stop this behavior

  • Reasons for eating dog feces
  • How to stop eating dog feces

1- Reasons for eating dog feces
Medical reasons
In the case of the dog practicing this type of dog behavior; A veterinarian should first be consulted; To rule out any medical problem such as.

  1. Parasites, as they need food as well, which makes the dog get less nutrition, as the parasites mature.
  2. Diets that lack calories and nutrients, causing the dog to feel hungry.
  3. deficiency of enzymes; Before starting to breed dogs at home, wild dogs depended on whole prey as their main diet, and the digestive system was producing an appropriate amount of digestive enzymes, but today, with many dogs following; For highly processed diets, the production of these enzymes that aid in the absorption of food has become; not enough; Which makes dogs accept to eat feces; Because she thought it was a new meal.
  4. Diabetes mellitus, or Cushing's.
  5. Thyroid diseases, and others causing increased appetite.
  6. Drugs such as steroids.
behavioral causes
In many other cases dogs are reluctant to eat feces due to behavioral stimuli, or some type of environmental stress, which includes:

  • Attempting to attract attention, small dogs may have started to practice this behavior when they were young, believing that it was a game, so the breeder would run towards them, and issue the order to drop it; Some dogs interpret this screaming as an enthusiastic call to play, so they resort to the same behavior; when you become an adult; As an attempt to attract your attention, and get your interaction.
  • Feeling anxious, this feeling is caused by many reasons, one of which is separation anxiety, which leads the dog to defecate, and then eat feces.
  • fear of punishment, if young puppies are repeatedly punished for defecation in the home; This may prompt them to eat feces, to hide the evidence; who subject them to punishment.
2. How to stop eating dog feces
Maintaining hygiene
By supervising the dog, whether in the yard, or while walking, cleaning up the stool as soon as it occurs, and keeping the litter box always clean, in case there are cats in the house.

Follow a proper diet
Ensure that the dog eats a complete diet, and a variety of high-quality proteins. Raw food contains digestive enzymes; that a dog needs to digest its meals.

Keep playing games and exercises
It is one of the most important solutions, especially if the dog belongs to one of the working breeds, providing exercises and mental stimulation; Maintains the health and activity of the dog's brain.

Use supplements when needed
The dog may need to take some supplements when the proportions of some elements are lacking. In the case of mineral deficiency; It is advised to add some kelp, and in connection with the lack of hydrochloric acid; One teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, for every 25 pounds of food, should be added, which helps mimic the acid lost and helps the body replace the deficiency.

Ensure that there are no parasites
If you notice that your dog is struggling to absorb nutrients, check for parasites with an easy, quick test at your vet.

Avoid dog punishment
Experiments have shown that punishing the dog has not worked to treat this behavior, so remember that dogs may be attracted to the feces of cats, or other dogs, not because of a behavioral problem, but because they do not absorb food well, and therefore it is advised to be patient, and make appropriate changes to the dog’s diet under Supervision of a veterinarian.

We wish more health for your dogs