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Training dogs at home without a trainer easily


Training dogs at home without a trainer easily

Dog training may seem very difficult, especially if this is your first dog, but when it is done step by step, you will find that the task is much less difficult, and in general it is recommended that training sessions do not exceed 10 minutes, an average of once or twice a day, as You must be in a good mood, and you want to enthusiastically praise your dog when he is doing well, so in this article BOGY will go through everything related to dog training at home without a trainer easily.

Training dogs at home without a trainer easily

  • Decide what you want to train dogs for
  • Make the behavior happen

1- Decide what you want to train dogs for

This step is very necessary, if you do not know what you want, it is difficult for your dog to find out, and when deciding what to ask your dog, you need to frame it in a certain way, so do not think about what you want the dog to stop doing, because you cannot train it on an item that is not present, but you must To give him clear criteria for behavior that does not correspond to any undesirable behaviour.

2- Make the behavior happen

In order to learn a new behavior, it is recommended to create an appropriate environment, in which the behavior is easier to perform naturally or with the help of some factors, for example if you are teaching your dog to turn in a circle to the right, put an exercise pen in a large circle or put a cone in the center so that it moves, With practice the circle gets smaller and smaller.

Direct the dog to its position or through a movement, to push it to make a certain movement, as you can use food rewards, if you are teaching the dog to sit for example, put the candy directly in front of his nose and move it slowly between his ears and above his head, where the dog must follow the temptation with his nose Its rear end hits the ground, so the dog can jump towards it or move around to try to find it instead of sitting down.

Training dogs to walk on a leash

Every dog needs to learn to walk on a leash, as there will be times when keeping your dog on a leash; It is essential for his safety, so you must learn how to get the puppy or dog on the leash, and then train him to walk correctly even next to you on the bike, walking on the leash teaches the dog not to pull or lunge, which makes the experience more enjoyable for him and you.

Dog training with a clicker

It is one of the simple and effective methods of training, as it can be used to teach dogs all kinds of commands, basic and advanced tricks easily and effectively.

There are some basic dog training commands and tricks every dog ​​should know, such as come, talk, stay, drop it, which can help you get rid of common behavior problems and keep dogs safe.

Socialization of puppies and adult dogs

It means training dogs to accept different people, animals and places, by exposing them to these elements. Dogs that mix with society are less likely to develop behavioral problems, and they are less likely to develop fears and phobias.

Socializing with your adult puppy or dog will make him happier and better behave.

Remember that training is an ongoing process, it will never end so it is important that you continue to work on obedience training throughout your dog's life.