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Training dogs to go to a specific place


Training dogs to settle in a bed or cage, such as asking a small child to sit quietly, that is, it is an impossible task, but it is very important for the breeder, to send the dog to bed whenever he needs it, so that he can cook dinner without the dog hovering around him, Or enjoying time with visitors without being preoccupied with caring for it

Training dogs to go to a specific place

The dogs are trained and sent to their place; A great way to deal with behaviors such as jumping on guests or begging over the table. Instead of trying to stop the dog from doing these annoying behaviors, train him to go to his place. as an alternative response, through the following steps.

1-Encourage your dog to climb into the crib, by taking a big step towards it, or by holding a treat on top of it.

2-When your dog gets on the crib, praise him and give him a treat, then say "Free" and release him from the bed, and invite him to leave.

3-Keep doing this frequently, until you can take a smaller step into the crib, and your dog will jump on it right away.

4-After the dog has mastered the gesture; This will become your gesture. Start by saying a place first and then take a step towards the crib.

5-Praise the dog every time he sits on the crib, give him a treat, and encourage him to get out of the crib.

6-It is important to say free before you get out of bed, or encourage him to get out of bed.

7-Gradually reduce the gesture until you eliminate it, you can say where or no movement, and your dog will jump on the crib.

8-Start with a big step toward bed, shorten your step until it's barely noticeable, and then eliminate that step.

Ways to help dogs with learning difficulties

  • A specialist in the behavior of pet dogs confirms that most of them are food-motivated, and if this is not the case, he suggests that you schedule a training date just before the time to eat, so that he feels hungry.
  • It is also recommended that the training session take place, when energy levels are high.
  • Don't take your dog for a long jog or exercise outside, and then try to train him on the spot when he's tired.
  • Be patient, in case the dog cannot perceive a particular step; Go back to the previous step.

How do you help a dog to love his own place?

If the dog sees it as a punishment, you will have a hard time convincing him to stay there, instead; Convince him that his niche is a great place to be, using positive coaching and high-value rewards.

You can also put the dog's favorite items inside, such as chewing bones or a set of new toys, as you can put them above the bed or the mat, that is, try as much as possible to make the place; A happy place for a dog.