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What are the benefits of dates for pet dogs? And the right amount


What are the benefits of dates for pet dogs? And the right amount

The benefits of dates for pet dogs are many and varied, and all of them are safe for the dog’s health and do not cause him health problems because dates contain fiber and essential vitamins that enhance the health of dogs. Large quantities of dates should not be eaten because of some diseases and health problems related to increased levels of sugar, tooth decay and obesity. Accompanying some types of dogs, and we will learn together about the benefits of dates from the types of dog food and the appropriate quantities through the interesting BOGY STORE article

5 benefits of dates for pets

  • Calcium source for dogs
  • Boosting digestion in dogs
  • Rich in fiber that is good for dogs
  • High blood sugar for dogs
  • Cholesterol free for dogs

1- A source of calcium for dogs
Dates are a calcium-rich food ingredient that is useful for dogs and helps increase movement and energy in the dog and strengthens the bones. Dates should be provided within the daily meals of dogs at home in balanced quantities so that the dog does not get more than it needs for bodily functions and gives counterproductive results.

2- Promote digestion in dogs
Eating dates in dogs helps in facilitating the digestion process, especially if the dog suffers from problems or indigestion and stomach pain, which in some breeds causes cases of constipation.

3- Rich in fiber useful for dogs
Dates are considered a delicious, delicious and beloved food for dogs. They contain 7 g of fiber that the dog needs to improve digestion and prevent cases of constipation and stomach problems, so be sure to provide it to the dog in a balanced proportion.

4- High blood sugar for dogs
Dates contain a high percentage of sugars, which are harmful to dogs at times, so dates should be placed in a reasonable amount for the dog and not to be given large quantities so as not to cause him health problems, especially with the presence of other diseases they have.

5- Cholesterol-free for dogs
Dates are a food completely free of cholesterol that is harmful to the health of the dog, especially heart health and causes obesity and breathing problems, so it is a useful healthy food and can be added to the dog’s diet in reasonable quantities.

Dates can be given to the dog from one to two times during the week, and it can also be added to your dog's diet appropriate for him.for more information