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What are common dog behavior problems?


There are many dog behavior problems that may be misunderstood by the breeder, including continuous barking, chewing, digging, and biting. There are many reasons why dogs may do these behaviors, which the breeder may find annoying; So the most important step to solve these problems is; is to understand the causes of it; This is so that the breeder can; get rid of them, and know how to prevent them in the future; During this article, BOGY will show you what are the common dog behavior problems with pictures?

  • Inappropriate urination.
  • drilling.
  • bark;
  • chewing;
  • biting.

1- Inappropriate urination
One of the most common dog behavior problems, which causes a great deal of frustration for the breeder; The problem of improper urination, as it makes the places in which the dog can move is limited; The educator cannot take him to friends' homes, or any public place, and that behavior; harms family members, and in case of detection of the dog; excluding him from any health problem that causes him this behavior; There are some other reasons that may prompt the dog for this behavior.

Causes of improper urination in dogs
  • Feeling an urgent need to urinate.
  • anxiety.
  • Unavailability of a suitable place for the dog.
  • Attempting to get the owner's attention.
  • Worry of separation from his owner.
In general, the educator must; To consider that this problem is a behavior problem; It is inevitable that the dog will pass through it; Especially before the age of three months, and in the case of older dogs; modifying that behavior; It may be one of the difficult challenges faced by the breeder, as the dog needs to undergo continuous training; to modify this behavior.

Digging is an innate instinct that dogs possess; Due to its ancient history of hunting; So dogs usually exercise this instinct whenever they have the opportunity.

Reasons for digging dogs
  • Hide their games.
  • Excess energy and boredom.
  • Fear or anxiety.
  • Trying to get to something or run away.
  • Find a damp place.
3- Bark
Excessive barking is one of the most prominent behavior problems in dogs; But the breeder must first know the reason that drives the dog; To bark continuously.

Causes of excessive barking in dogs
  • Interact and respond with other dogs.
  • Anxiety and trying to warn its owner and alert him to a danger.
  • Try to get his attention.
  • Excessive feeling of boredom.
  • Excitement and intelligence.

4- Chewing
All dogs are exercised; chewing behavior; Which over time turns into a major inconvenience to the breeder; It spoils many of the property in the house.

Causes of chewing in dogs
  • Curiosity, especially in young puppies.
  • Feeling anxious.
  • The little puppy is going through the teething stage.
  • The dog's excessive energy and boredom.

5- biting
Dogs have a natural instinct that pushes them to bite, as they usually explore the surroundings through biting and licking; So the role of the educator is here; to work to deliver a message to his dog; That this behavior is unacceptable to him.

Causes of biting in dogs
  • Feeling sick or in pain.
  • predatory instinct.
  • Desire to protect property.
  • Feeling afraid and wanting to defend.
  • Confirmation of the dominant instinct.