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How to train small dogs to pee pads and bathroom?


How do you train small dogs on the bathroom? Dog urination throughout the house is one of the most prominent behaviors that cause distress and discomfort to the breeder, so training dogs to relieve their needs in the place designated for that, or learning how to express their desire is one of the most important exercises that must be trained for the dog, in order to avoid any problems related to hygiene or public health. So, in this article, we will explain how to train small dogs to urinate and bathe.

How to train small dogs to urinate and bath?

  • Discover the main obstacle to dog training to urinate
  • Free space for dogs to pee
  • Determine a specific location for the bathroom
  • Reward the dog for responding

1- Discovering the main obstacle to training dogs to urinate

Many dogs refuse to go to the bathroom in bad weather for many reasons, including personality, age, size and type of hair coat, and therefore understanding the factor that affects your dog will help you find a solution more easily and training small dogs takes some effort and time.

Some dogs with fluffy coats are very sensitive to cold weather, when the temperature drops, being outside can be exhausting, which prevents them from moving or doing anything even defecate or urinate.

2- Freeing up space for dogs to urinate

When dogs learn where to urinate and defecate, they create associations with their entire surroundings including the feel of the rocks or grass under their feet, and to help them bring the ground as close as possible to what they are used to especially during snowfall or very cold weather, it is recommended to clean a small patch in the yard until The dog can see and feel the grass.for more

3- Determine a specific location for the bathroom

One way to combat refusal to go outside is to get your dog used to a certain place in the bathroom when the weather is nice. If you keep taking him to the same place to go to the bathroom, he'll eventually understand the connection.for more

4- Reward the dog for responding

If you can get your dog to go to the bathroom outside, especially in bad weather, offer him a high-value reward rather than one that he eats outside when he urinates and defecates, so that he connects the reward with the action he did.for more 

How to train small dogs to use the toilet at home

  1. Set regular feeding times for your puppy and monitor him when he drinks water.
  2. Take the puppy outside every 30-60 minutes, and also take him outside immediately after eating or playing.
  3. Put the puppy in the designated toilet area, point to the area and say go to the toilet.
  4. Don't play with or give your puppy any attention while you're outside to teach them that there is only one thing going on in these circumstances.
  5. Immediately after urinating, praise the dog in an appreciative tone and offer a reward.
  6. Bring the puppy back inside as soon as he is praised.
If you do not have a yard, it may be best to start toilet training indoors and then move the puppy outdoors, and to start training your dog to relieve himself in the correct place indoors; You will need to learn how to train your puppy on sanitary pads or urinal pads.

How to train a puppy to use pee pads

  1. Select a confined area to start training at home, such as the bathroom or laundry room.
  2. Make sure the area is clear of puppies and remove any harmful substances.
  3. Prepare the space by covering the floor with pee pads and placing the dog bed in the corner of the room.
  4. Change the urinal pads often, but place a small piece of the soiled pad on top of the clean pad in the area where you want your puppy to urinate.
  5. Dispose of the pee pads closest to the dog's bed as soon as the puppy urinates in the same area.
  6. Keep removing the urination pads until one or two sheets remain.
When you've had consistent success with your puppy using only one or two pee pads, you can gradually expand the area they can reach, and if accidents start to happen; Reduce the area.

How long does it take to train a puppy to use the toilet?

There is no set time frame when it comes to how to train puppies to urinate or use the toilet, as there are many factors that come into play. The most important one is consistency, and be sure to reward your dog when following your training plan.

The most important tips when training small dogs to urinate and toilet

  1. Accidents will happen no matter how hard you try to prevent them, it's a matter of identifying the cause while promoting positive behavior, and the most prominent thing that will help you:
  2. Know when your dog is stressed to take corrective action.
  3. Use pet-safe stain and odor removers to thoroughly clean the soiled area.
  4. Keep the dog's routine schedule as consistent as possible.
  5. Do not lose patience in the event that you feel that the puppy is deviating from its path, then it is advised to go back to the basics with developing a routine and positive reinforcement.

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